White Lavender Cleansing Stick

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White Lavender Cleansing Stick

White Lavender perfect for purifying and bringing about psychic dreams. Smell before sleeping to induce psychic dreams or burn to cleanse and room, object thing. Small in size but strong in smell, one bundle is enough to leave a car smelling of pure lavender!

Magical uses: Emotional Release, Astral Travel, Protection, Psychic protection, Purification, Divination, Lucid dreams, and Sleep

Burn and smolder White Lavender to create a cleansing smoke that removes stagnant energies from rooms, objects and people. Alternatively, you can pull the bundle apart and burn on a charcoal disk like you would with loose incense. If you do not wish to burn the cleansing stick due to fire hazards, add the bundle to boiling water to release an aromatic steam.
Comes with an information card on how to burn and cleanse.

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