Patchouli Leaves

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Patchouli Leaves

Patchouli Properties: Money, Fertility, Lust, Hex Breaker

Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn

Patchouli Leaves, when burned, hold great power in banishing negative energies and defend against negative intent. Patchouli as a strong earthy but sweet scent with an immense pull of growth energy, perfect for money magic. Due to its strong earthly scent, it is often use as a substitute for graveyard dust. Sprinkle onto money, purses and wallets or around green candles for money spells.

There are a vast number of ways to use dried herbs, such as; creating tinctures, perfume oils, tea mixtures, spell bottles, magical sachets, incense and many more.
Many of the herbs, roots and flowers are home grown and harvested

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