Draw Money Spell Powder

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Draw Money Spell Powder


Draw Money Spell Powder is a hand ground powder of powerful wealth drawing herbs, roots, oils and flowers. Shifting the energies to bring in continued wealth in abundance. A perfect addition for money candle magic and sachets. No need to crush up your herbs for candle spells! Uncork the vial, sprinkle over your anointed money spell candle and start weaving your magic.

Magical Uses: Fast Money, Debt Removal, Budgeting

Use spell powders by adding them to magical sachets, coating spell candles, scent potions, casting circles or drawing sigils. Due to the 100% natural ingredients, spell powders are safe to burn in a fire place or on a charcoal disk.

Spell Powders come in a corked glass vial.
Not meant for consumption.

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