Devotion Spell Oil

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Devotion Spell Oil


A Devotion Spell oil is a must for any experienced love witch. With free will still in mind, the devotion spell oil will aid the caster in creating a stronger and more serious power bond with another. Created with the intent of allowing two beings to be utterly devoted to each other.

Anoint inner wrists, back of neck and your heart. Alternatively, anoint white and pink candles for love magic. Or, anoint pink, white and red for romance magic.

Made with natural oils, herbs, roots and resins. Hand blended with magic and crystal energies to bring about the strongest of intentions! Add a few drops to an oil burner or to bath water for ritual baths. Use to anoint candles for candle magic or on yourself for practical spells. Add to spell sachets, ritual salts and dream pillows.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Don't ingest this or any other oil.
Test on your skin first, as some essential oils and non essential oils can cause irritation.
Keep out of the reach of children and away from eyes.
Avoid if pregnant.

These are very limited as the ingredients used are expensive and hard to come by.

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