Blue Kyanite Chips

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Blue Kyanite Chips

100g pack

Blue Kyanite is one of the four powerful Kyanite stones. One of the very few stones that requires NO clearing, you need not run this stone under water or cleanse with sage smoke. This stone serves as a catalyst for full consciousness in waking, dreaming, and even dreamless sleep. This stone will also aid in dream recall, a highly informative practice that helps an individual comprehend the symbolism of dreams. Aiding in the stimulation and balance of all chakras (especially Throat and Third Eye), this stone can assist one in improving psychic abilities such as telepathic communication and lucid dreaming. Use Blue Kyanite to help communicate with your pets by placing the stone over the third eye chakra, and sending your message to your pet through visualised images. Blue Kyanite also allows us to feel a closer connection with nature in general. 

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