Blue Agate Slice

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Blue Agate Slice


Agate Slices can be used to make wind chimes, mobiles, mosaic and many other projects.

Agate is a quartz with impurities and is mostly translucent. There are many varieties of agate, some exhibit beautiful banding, colours and form in many shapes, each one is unique. Natural colours are basically grey, red, brown whilst other vibrant colours such as blues, purples and pinks are dyed.
For maximum effect place them in front of a window where light can shine through the agate and show off the beautiful banding. Agate slices are an inexpensive way to expand your crystal collection and they make great gifts.

As these are cut from natural stone, you may find minor flaws, cracks and natural inclusions, this is quite natural and does not alter the metaphysical properties.

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