Rose Aura Quartz

Give your heart a rainbow infusion with the sweet loving energy of Rose Aura Quartz. Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love, and when magnified with the intensifying properties of an aura coating, it becomes the stone of supreme love! If you’ve been craving a little magic in your love life, Rose Aura Quartz energy is the sparkling essence you need to embrace. Rose Aura Quartz will flush out any stagnancy with a flow of vibrant energy throughout the entire body.

The aura coating on Rose Aura Quartz occurs by bonding a natural Rose Quartz stone with platinum. The metal adds a spectrum of angelic hues, as well as a variety of beneficial properties to the stone. These extra properties are great for anyone looking to increase their efforts to work through self-doubt, and discover new levels of self-love.